Clog Rooter Specialists

When drains don’t work, we at Coastal Plumbing Pros Laguna Niguel get to work! We offer fast drain rooter services to clear out even the toughest clogs.

What is a Drain Rooter?
A rooter is a term used to describe any machine used to clear clogs from drains. The original rooter was developed in the 1930s by a father and son team who were frustrated by the clogged drains in their apartment building. Even though the mechanism has significantly improved, today’s rooters still follow the initial design: a snake-like cable with a claw at the end. The cable is put into the clogged drain and an electric motor rotates the claw so it can break up the clog.

Plumbing rooters are very effective in clearing clogged drains, including sewer drains. If you are experiencing any drainage problems, it is advised that you contact a professional plumber right away for drain cleaning services. Otherwise, the problem is just going to get worse and could lead to plumbing emergencies like backups.

Fast, Easy, and Affordable Rooter Services in Laguna Niguel
The best thing about using a rooter to clear clogs is that it can be done quickly and affordably. There is no need to take apart your pipes or dig up your drains in order to use a drain rooter. All of our plumbers are licensed to perform rooter services. When you choose us as your rooter specialists, you can also rest assured that the entire problem will be taken care of as we inspect your drains with video equipment to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

The Best Choice for Drain Cleaning Services in Laguna Niguel
Coastal Plumbing Pros proudly serves the Laguna Niguel community with expert plumbing services and fair prices. We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your drain problems. Contact us today to talk to a friendly agent and get a free estimate.