Drain Cleaning

One of the most common problems that people face in their homes is clogged drains. The drain clog can be isolated to one drain, such as when debris gets stuck in the kitchen or toilet drain pipe, or the clog can be found throughout the entire plumbing system, such as from corrosion in pipes. No matter how big or small your drain clog problem is, you can count on Coastal Plumbing Pros Laguna Niguel for fast, affordable services.

We Solve:
• Drain backups
• Kitchen drain clogs
• Bathroom drain clogs
• Toilet drain clogs
• Sewer main clogs
• Basement drain clogs
• Floor drain clogs
• Laundry room clogs

What is a Drain Snake?
When clogs are caused by debris stuck in one fixture, the clog is usually fixed with a drain snake. A drain snake is a flexible auger which can be inserted into your drains. It has a coil-like end which breaks up whatever is clogging the drain. The debris can be pulled out, or the auger can be used to make a hole through the matter so the debris can be pushed out.

What is Hydro Jetting?
In many cases, drain clogs are not caused by one wad of debris which got stuck in the drain pipe, but rather from years of buildup that is lining the insides of your drain pipes. The buildup is often the result of hard water, corrosion, and debris such as oil and hygiene products. The best way to remove these drain clogs is with hydro jetting. A hydro jet somewhat resembles a garden hose in that it is a flexible tube. However, a hydro jet is capable of delivering very high pressures of water. The water is sprayed out through a special nozzle and clears any debris in its path. Hydro jets are so powerful that they can even blast out tree roots in your sewer drains.

Drain Backups
Drain backups are very different from drain clogs. Backups are caused when waste water is unable to exit through the sewer main or one of its main connecting branches. With nowhere to go, the waste water is forced back up through your drains. The waste will come out of the nearest fixture, so you might, for example, experience waste coming out of your basement drain when you use your upstairs shower. To solve drain backups, your sewer line will need to be cleared and possibly repaired. See our sewer repair services for more information about how we fix drain backups.

Drain Inspections
At Coastal Plumbing Pros Laguna Niguel, we pride ourselves on doing the job right – the first time, every time. To make sure we are solving the root cause of your drain problem, we inspect your drains with video equipment. This is how we ensure an accurate diagnosis of the drain problem and make sure the problem is completely fixed.

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