Sewer Repair Services

When your sewer line is malfunctioning, serious problems can ensue. You will want to call in dedicated professionals to resolve the problem ASAP. Coastal Plumbing Pros of Laguna Niguel are standing by 24/7 to get your sewer lines working again and your life back on track.

Common Sewer Line Problems
• Broken or Cracked Sewer Line: Sewer lines can become damaged due to shifting ground (such as during an earthquake), yard work, or age and corrosion. When this happens, you may smell sewage in your yard, have soggy spots in your yard, or see mold growth on your home.
• Clogged Sewer Line: Sewer lines are very wide, so they usually don’t get clogged by debris as home drains will. However, it is common in Laguna Niguel for tree roots to get into sewer pipes. The roots are attracted to the oxygen and moisture in the sewer pipe and grow, forming a large clog.
• Drain Backups: If waste water comes up from your drains when you use a fixture, you have a drain backup. Backups happen when waste water is unable to exit through the sewer line. This is almost always due to a clog in the sewer main or a connecting pipe in the sewer line.
• Septic Problems: Septic tanks are meant to last a very long time but can become damaged due to corrosion. We may need to replace or repair your septic tank.

Methods of Repairing Sewer and Drain Lines
At Coastal Plumbing Pros Laguna Niguel, we make sure to solve the entire problem and we solve it the first time around. To do this, we inspect your sewer and drain lines using the latest plumbing video equipment. This allows us to locate the exact cause of the problem and come up with a cost-efficient plan for fixing it. There are 3 main methods used to repair sewer lines.

• Sewer Drain Cleaning: If your sewer problems are caused by a clog in the sewer main (such as from tree roots), then we can use methods like hydro jetting to clear the sewer of debris. Hydro jetting is very effective and gets your drains and sewer as clear as they were when they were new.

• Trenchless Sewer Repair: This is the most common method used to fix broken or cracked sewer drains. A flexible pipe which is coated in resin is snaked into the damaged sewer drain. The resin then hardens, creating a solid bond which is durable. You essentially get a brand new sewer drain, but without any digging or damage to your property.

• Pipe Bursting: If the sewer lateral has collapsed or the damaged pipe is located under a slab, then this method is often used for sewer repair. It involves making small access holes on each end of the damaged sewer pipe. Then a hydraulic machine breaks the damaged sewer pipe into pieces while pushing a new sewer line in its place.

• Open Cut Replacement: This is the traditional method of sewer line repair, but is rarely used anymore unless absolutely necessary. A backhoe is used to dig up the damaged sewer line so it can be removed and a new sewer line installed.

The Best Choice for Sewer Line Repair Services in Laguna Niguel
Coastal Plumbing Pros proudly serves the Laguna Niguel community with expert plumbing services and fair prices. We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your sewer problems. Contact us today to talk to a friendly agent and get a free estimate.